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Hello Friends,

As you know I’m an artist as well as a seamstress. I do many different projects and have way too much going on. Somehow, I think that is the only way I survive. Well, that and I have an amazing Partner in my life, Kayo, who makes the world a better place to be in.

Lately I have been streaming my art live in Twitch, and decided that this week I will also live stream myself as I sew. This should be fun. I’m going to try it out, and see how it goes. If no one shows up, that’s okay, I’ll still have fun because I’ll be sewing. What I would love to have happen is to be able to stream my sewing and art and make some new friends who love both things. Let’s see how this goes.

Feel free to go to Twitch and FOLLOW my channel for some fun projects.


Jodi Lane

Kayodi Press!

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Hello Friends!

I am excited to announce a project that Kayo and I have been working on the past couple of months. Kayodi Press on Etsy! We have taken my kitty art and made them into fun greeting cards. I hope you love them. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!


Jodi Lane

Fit Gurl Shorts Pattern!

New Pattern! Fit GURL Shorts!

This pattern is such a cute look. While it is not a competition suit pattern, one could use it for fitness wear rounds, cute costumes, swimwear and photo shoots! I created one for myself last summer and absolutely loved the design. I figured since I enjoyed wearing it to the pool, others may also. I created 10 sizes for it ranging from hip measurements of 33″ to 42.” This is a very easy sewing pattern that you could absolutely start learning to sew with. My theory or method has always been to jump right into sewing with something you’re excited about. The ambition will help you achieve the skill. So get to it! ;o) This pattern is available in my store now! Enjoy. Happy Sewing!

Classic Molded Cup Pattern!

New Pattern! Classic Style Molded Cup Top!

This sewing pattern is great. I believe it is one of my favorite tops I have made, thus far! What’s awesome about this particular pattern is that you do not need a bra cup from, as a component, to create it. You will need poly-laminate-foam-fabric, though. That’s no big deal. There are tons of suppliers of that material online, just like ordering fabric for the bikini. Another awesome thing about the pattern is how easy it is to sew. That was my goal. 1) Make it something there was a strong need for (bra pads) and 2) Make it super-easy to sew. The other sewing tutorial for a molded cup top that I have requires no pattern, but it’s not exactly an easy to learn sewing technique. This top will look great with any of my bottoms styles. Whether you’re doing a bikini or figure competition, you will be able to use it. The stonework will look even more beautiful on this top because the fabric is always held nice and smooth on a molded cup style top. On the other tops, the fabric tends to wrinkle. The scrunch look is cute, too and has come to be typical of a bikini, especially swimwear. This, however, will look so nice when rhinestone’d. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone decides to create with this very versatile sewing pattern! It is available now, in my store! I hope you love it!

Exclusive Sewing Patterns!

Hello Sewing Friends!

After thinking about my book being out for a year now, I decided it needs revisions and edits. Basically, I need to tweak somethings. I may even create a whole new book; I’m not entirely sure yet! What I do know is, I’ve released the exclusive sewing patterns from the e-book into my store. The e-book, for a whole year, was THE BEST deal on the sewing patterns that one could get. Now that’s gone, but you can purchase these four styles separately. Many have asked for that option but because I’d set it as an exclusive, I at least needed to wait a year. Here they are, the Thong, Mini Triangle, Halter/Cleopatra and Swoop Bottom! ;o) I hope you enjoy creating with these styles! Check out my ONLINE SHOP

Happy Sewing,

Jodi Lane