OMstars Internship ;o)

Greetings friends, and fellow yogis!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to work with OMstars in their marketing department. I am thrilled to have connected with Kino, my teacher, and now have the chance to work with the OMstars team. It is all a blessing.

If you’re interested in OMstars, I have a fun treat for you! Use the code JODIYOGA to get a free month at OMstars. There’s so much amazing yoga content such as live practices, daily practices, yoga culture, nutrition, and even more than that! Take a look, it’s amazing!


Jodi Lane

Bedtime Stories in the Stars

Bedtime Stories in the Stars

By Jodi Lane


My mind never tired from translating what the stars meant as they dazzled my eyes, speaking a language they held all to themselves. I left my bedroom, one night, to stand in the field, and converse with the nighttime sky. There could be no better source for a bedtime story.

The sky stood as a blank canvas above the world.

There were no stars; not a single star present to fill my head full of tales.

However, there were sounds.

I spotted two others that had also left their beds that night. A friendly bush concealed me as I watched them work. In the center of our weathered barn, their faces glowed with the light of a vibrant brew they mixed in a large cauldron. Glittering dust and fluorescent sparks danced around as they stirred.

Charmed by the birth of constellations, my eyes did not dare blink.

The crumbling barn doors were pushed wide open, revealing the sparkling brew to the world. From the mouth of the cauldron, glints of light floated through the air taking their usual places in the dark, plain sky.

The Great Bear cuddled up with her miniature companion. A swift Dog darted around the vast Universe, but was no match for the Fox it sought. The sleek Lynx journeyed alone, confident in her stride, this time to live in harmony with the Hare.

The shroud of the night again dazzled my spirits. Stunning reflections remained long after I had closed my eyes.

My bedtime story had come.


@kittytreets on Twitch!

Hello Friends,

As you know I’m an artist as well as a seamstress. I do many different projects and have way too much going on. Somehow, I think that is the only way I survive. Well, that and I have an amazing Partner in my life, Kayo, who makes the world a better place to be in.

Lately I have been streaming my art live on Twitch, and decided that this week I will also live stream myself as I sew. This should be fun. I’m going to try it out, and see how it goes. If no one shows up, that’s okay, I’ll still have fun because I’ll be sewing. What I would love to have happen is to be able to stream my sewing and art and make some new friends who love both things. Let’s see how this goes.

Feel free to go to Twitch and FOLLOW my channel for some fun projects.


Jodi Lane

Kayodi Press!

header 1200dpi

Hello Friends!

I am excited to announce a project that Kayo and I have been working on the past couple of months. Kayodi Press on Etsy! We have taken my kitty art and made them into fun greeting cards. I hope you love them. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!


Jodi Lane

Fit Gurl Shorts Pattern!

New Pattern! Fit GURL Shorts!

This pattern is such a cute look. While it is not a competition suit pattern, one could use it for fitness wear rounds, cute costumes, swimwear and photo shoots! I created one for myself last summer and absolutely loved the design. I figured since I enjoyed wearing it to the pool, others may also. I created 10 sizes for it ranging from hip measurements of 33″ to 42.” This is a very easy sewing pattern that you could absolutely start learning to sew with. My theory or method has always been to jump right into sewing with something you’re excited about. The ambition will help you achieve the skill. So get to it! ;o) This pattern is available in my store now! Enjoy. Happy Sewing!