Hat Sewing Patterns are Next!

Remember when I sold Goblin Hats and Kitty Hats in my store? While I don’t typically enjoy the business of mass producing a product I do enjoy the business of teaching others how to sew and make fun things for themselves. Get creative! Designing patterns is my passion! With that said, the next sewing patterns I’m creating and will be selling on my store (and my husband’s store most likely…he’s the game designer with all the geek followers haha) are the hats that I’ve been making the past few years now. They’re perfect for conventions and cold weather or just to look cute! I like to refer to them as “Cosplay Hats.” I’m excited to offer these because it’s a basic sewing pattern that would be a great project for just about any sewing level! Stay tuned, I’m hoping to release them to my online shop, this upcoming week! I’m telling you now so that you can come up with your own fun hat ideas just in time for convention season (GenCon is just around the corner and if you make one, please come find me a show me at the show). Due to the addition of these hat sewing patterns to my collection I’m going to be re-arranging things on my website! Thanks all! Happy Sewing!318810_10151026165996952_325997785_n

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