Hat Patterns, Written Instructions and What’s Next?


Goblin Hat Sewing Pattern

Goblin Hat Patterns!
As promised I have my Goblin Hat patterns in my store as we speak! They are the exact patterns I created the hats from that I’ve sold in stores, at Cons and online. I have a one-size-fits-most Adult hat and a child’s size as well! I’m happy to be able to offer this finally as I know many people would like to make hats for upcoming conventions. If you do, please let me know–I’d love to see how they turn out! Soon I will add another style of hat pattern to the store. VERY soon. That should be the next sewing pattern up. It’s the same hat style only with a “flap band.” The band has longer ear flaps to cover your ears. Basically it’s a lot warmer and has a cute look. You’ll see!


Written Instructions!
Many have requested that I start making written instructions for my sewing patterns and that’s what I’m going to do from now on. I realize the videos are really amazing for some but many have expressed that they would do better with written. It all works out in the end for me because currently my video editing software is not up to doing the job. So, from here on out you’ll get quality written instructions with good photos. I may do some slide-show videos as well, just to get the word out but I need to take a break on the videos. I’ll leave the ones up that I currently have for those of you who do like them!

Patterns Coming Soon!
What’s up next? Well, another highly requested pattern has been Men’s Posing Trunks and I have those fully developed, sized, and ready to go. There will be two different styles. Three sizes in each. They currently just need to be layed out into PDFs which should be done soon. I’m super excited for you all to try them! Also, as I create costumes I will be developing sewing patterns for them.  Right now, I’m doing an all original Tinker Bell cosplay for GenCon!

Thanks all, happy sewing! Stay tuned for more goodies! Thanks so much for your encouragement and amazing reviews on Etsy! XOXO

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