Latest Creations: Do you wanna build a bikini?

My latest creation is a four piece bikini costume inspired by Elsa from Frozen. It’s such an awesome movie I had to do something with that inspiration. ;o) There will be a sewing pattern for this bikini costume available but here are some photos of the actual outfit that will be for sale in my shop. So, if you’d like to just buy this one it’ll be available in my store! Thanks for checking it out and I hope you’ll stay tuned for the release of each pattern! I look to get them into development this week!

Starting with the top layer of clothing, the Underbust Vest. It is a steampunk style inspiration with more of a bright look using a rhinestoned buckle fastener in the front. Over the bikini bottoms I created a the Jagged Sarong that simply ties on the side for a cute beachy look. The bikini top underneath is a vintage style with a modern makeover; the Vintage Modern. The bikini bottoms are somewhere in between booty shorts and my basic low rise bikini bottom. I like to call these the Cheeky Bottom style with scrunchie back. Each pattern piece will be available in various sizes so that you can pick and choose each piece in each size that you’d like!

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