Hey Suit Sewing Community!

Hey there! I have an interesting idea!

I wanted to reach out to all of my sewing pattern customers and ask if you’d like to be featured in a “links” section of my website or for me to refer clients to you when my schedule is full–especially if you’re outside the United States! Recently, I have had several custom suit requests from people outside of the United States. I would love to be able to take on custom suit orders world wide, unfortunately, I do not trust shipping enough to ship overseas safely. I have had too many heart-breaking incidents with packages arriving damaged or empty!

This reminded me how many sewing pattern clients I have in other countries that have created small custom suit businesses. If you’d like to send me your website information, name, location, and any other business information, I would love to refer custom suit requests to clients near you! Just a fun idea that I had and it might be nice to help customers find a local suit designer in their country. It helps them, me and you! And if you’re within the United States, that’s fine too!

Update 1/16/2016:
I have started a Facebook Group for this community! Once I get a list of your suit design businesses I will post them here on my website somewhere under “referrals.” ;o) If you’d like to join that group, check out the top menu of my website and click “FB Sewing Group.” See you there!

Thanks all! Happy Sewing!
Jodi Lane

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