New Pattern! 2015 Revised Bikini Bottom!

New Pattern! 2015 Revised Bikini Bottom!

I just released my updated bikini bottom pattern, 2015 Bikini Bottom! There are five sizes: XS, Sm, Med, Lg, XL.  These sizes range from 30″ hips to 37″ hips! The differences in sizes are very gradual so that you’re able to choose the best size hopefully the first time. My original bikini patterns worked well, too, but being that there are only three sizes it can make it difficult to get a nice fit. I have included photos so you can see the new pretty style. It’s very similar to my original bikini bottom but perfected! Using the sewing patterns should be more simple as well. The tutorial for sizing the original bikini bottom will remain on my youtube channel for a while but you should not need it for this pattern. The original bikini bottom pattern will no longer be sold in my store because I feel the new version is superior and I’d rather not have people buy the old one by mistake. The 2015 bikini bottom pattern gives you a fantastic starting point for your size and comes with written and illustrated sewing instructions. The sewing videos will still work for these patterns too if you need help. Happy Sewing!

What’s Next??? I’m finishing up revising my Triangle Top patterns, those will be next. After that, I will begin developing a micro-back bikini bottom which has been one of my most requested sewing patterns lately! Perhaps a micro-triangle top would be following those itty bitty bottoms! ;o)

Size shown on mannequin is XS

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