Coming Soon! My Suit Sewing Guide!


For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a sewing guide specifically for posing suits. This will be all you will need to learn to sew posing suits. I will continue to offer all of my current styles and a bonus of four new styles will be offered EXCLUSIVELY in this book. I will not be selling these four styles anywhere else! The guide will instruct you on what items you’ll need for your suits, tips from me that I have picked up over the years as a suit designer, rhinestone embellishing instruction and my personal advice on choosing fabric and stone colors! This book guides you through the process I would take with my very own clients as a suit designer when choosing the ideal competition suit for their show. I do not intend to create any later editions which means I am placing all of the information in one book that will guide you through the process of being your own suit designer! My release-goal is to have the book for sale in my store by the end of this week, December 11th 2015. This book has been the ultimate project for me in the past couple of years as I have been creating sewing patterns for competition suits. I knew it all would eventually lead to this point. I decided to aim to make it an affordable option and have it become available before the holidays and prior to 2016. I am confident you will love it and all four of the new sewing patterns. Stay tuned, I will post again once the book is published in my store! Take care and have a fantastic Winter season! ;o)

Happy sewing,

Jodi Lane

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