New! Suit Design Guide Book!

Suit Design Guide Book

Hello friends. I wanted to let you know that I have finally been able to finish a project that I wanted to create for the past two years. The sewing patterns have been a true joy for me to create and share with you. I have many of you sharing your sewing success stories with me and it has been a lot of fun joining you for the journey. Keep sending me photos of your work, it inspires me to continue my endeavors.

This book was a project I felt would help many of you be your own suit designer or help your friends create suits as well. There’s nothing more fun than joining competitions along-side friends. That’s how I competed and it made us even closer (Girl, you know who you are and I love you!).

This book will guide you through the process I would take when working with a client. The first part helps you design your suit. That’s the part where you write and sketch it all out, gather materials and plan what you want to create. I discuss fabric choices and how to pick one that is right for you. Then I move on into choosing rhinestones that compliment the suit and how to choose the colors that work well together. I kept each section short and sweet (just like me, haha! Kidding) so that there isn’t just loads of text to weed through. You will get straight to the point on designing your suit. Then the following part of the book explains how to sew and construct the suit. I go through sewing needs and the entire process of rhinestone work. It’s a very simple process that does not involve a lot of steps but it does help you get right to it. You will not need to research methods. I give you all the information you need to finish the suits you desire. I realize the -main- reason many of you will purchase the book is because of the huge assortment of sewing patterns included. I have all of my collections available plus four exclusive styles that I will never sell outside of this book. Those exclusive patterns include my Halter style top, Mini triangle top, Thong back bottom and Swoop Cut Bottom. They’re great styles and will allow you many more options when being your own suit designer!

I really hope you all enjoy the book. I love that I am helping you learn a new skill if this is your first time sewing and/or allowing your creativity to go wild. Please continue to share with me your success stories. Thank you again.

One more thing! I just started offering live chat/phone consultations via Skype if you are in need of one-on-one help with your projects!

Happy sewing,

Jodi Lane

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