New Pattern! Butterfly Back Bottom!

Available in my Etsy store right now! Butterfly Back Bottom.

This pattern and instruction set has been one of my highest requested so I decided it was time to get it done! This one works great for regular swimwear or competition bikinis. You have many, many options for color combinations with this one, and naturally I absolutely love that! Let your creativity go wild!

Another request was that I should offer more sizes in each pattern. I definitely did that with this one. Not only because it works as typical swimwear but because everyone wanted it for competition suits as well. So you have access to sizes XXSmall through XXXLarge! And I do intend on creating Plus Size bikini sizes with my future swimwear styles! Stay tuned for those!

This pattern uses a NEW technique that I’ve not taught before in any of my instructions! It is the “edge trim” style you will be learning! The instructions for this style will be completely different than my other patterns. Soon, I will have a top sewing pattern set available that matches this style. This pattern allows you to use just a standard sewing machine, no serger or other equipment is necessary. While it may be helpful, it’s not required to make beautiful suits with this pattern set! That’s always my goal to simplify the instructions and use the least amount of equipment possible so nearly ANYONE in the world may be successful using my patterns! ;o)

Happy sewing and bring on the bikini season–We will be ready!

Jodi Lane

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