New Pattern! Bandeau Peek Top!

Hello friends,

This past week I created and released a brand new swimwear, photoshoot suit and/or competition bikini top. I called it my Bandeau -Peek- Top because it has a cute little peek-a-boob look. This style would look great on stage for WBFF or IFBB bikini competitions. I cannot wait to see the colors and stonework designs you all create for it. I am sure it will look stunning. This sewing pattern release comes with 6 different sizes, AA-A-B-C-D-DD. Hope you have fun creating this new design and there are definitely more to come but my new releases may come a bit slower as I will be extremely busy after the end of July. Happy sewing!

If you’d like to pick up this style from my store please visit: Bandeau Peek Top

Take care,

Jodi Lane


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