Exclusive Sewing Patterns!

Hello Sewing Friends!

After thinking about my book being out for a year now, I decided it needs revisions and edits. Basically, I need to tweak somethings. I may even create a whole new book; I’m not entirely sure yet! What I do know is, I’ve released the exclusive sewing patterns from the e-book into my store. The e-book, for a whole year, was THE BEST deal on the sewing patterns that one could get. Now that’s gone, but you can purchase these four styles separately. Many have asked for that option but because I’d set it as an exclusive, I at least needed to wait a year. Here they are, the Thong, Mini Triangle, Halter/Cleopatra and Swoop Bottom! ;o) I hope you enjoy creating with these styles! Check out my ONLINE SHOP

Happy Sewing,

Jodi Lane

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