I was nervous, the lynx brought me back

For a long time, I have let anxiety consume me. Much of the anxiety I experienced to was due to legitimate concerns, but those past experiences can and do influence future experiences. A lot of my life has been looking out for myself and trying to anticipate someone treating me poorly. 

In the past, there were always red flags I ignored. I knew better. I can’t comprehend why I would worry so much about everything, yet, ignore the most important signs. My Lynx spirit guide has always highlighted the things I need to pay attention to yet I suppressed my Lynx’s warnings and cues. 

I apologize to the lynx, today. Last night, before falling asleep, I realized that I might now be in the proper alignment in life. My maturity has reached new heights, my body enjoys activities I always thought I disliked and then I discover these specific activities are those that encourage and help release my lynx guide’s natural abilities. 

My past has created some tension in the present. I have let that get to me. The lynx does allow me special, second sight, abilities that nearly makes me capable of reading another person’s thoughts. A natural and trained observer can feel as though they are cursed at times. Something recently occurred that scared me and I was not sure if my current situation was going to workout. The sense I got was that nothing bad would come of anything. I was just sensing some pre-cursor thoughts that felt, well…weird. After getting past those weird feelings, I found that communication was what set me free. The positive side of this is that the lynx allows me to see things that no one else can see or know. I treasure the ability and the path this took me on was to see how amazing of a life I currently have. This has been reinforced so strongly that I feel that I am on the path to becoming the best version of myself, yet. 

Thank you, my dear, friend, the lynx. I look forward to many journies together.