I’m not an idiot or a dummy…

Ha ha, do you like my title? Recently, a very intriguing Ayurveda Practitioner released a book for pre-order. I have followed her for a few months now and I like her content. When I heard she wrote a book I thought that might be a great way for me to dip my hands into the vast ocean that is Ayurveda. It’s a tough topic to learn. Slowly, with basic internet research, I have introduced myself to it. I really like the methods used, because they’re all natural and encourages veganism. It does not solely encourage a vegan or vegetarian diet, though, so don’t panic. 

I am allergic to dairy, so this appeals to me for more reasons than just eating right. I pretty much have to avoid dairy, or, I feel like I have the flu all-the-time. That’s right, it’s an allergy, NOT an intolerance. I cannot tell you how many times I rehash this conversation with people. They keep instructing me about how I can cope with lactose intolerance. I laugh inside my head, but I grow tired of that same conversation. People are too funny. I don’t get angry at all. They’re sweet and wanting to help. If you’re curious about the difference just know that an intolerance gives you the craps and an allergy involves your immune system, giving you flu-like-symptoms, or worse. 

You see why I might be interested in an Ayurveda book? Well, I get to the pre-order page and it’s an “Idiot Guide” book. I have one of these books on my bookcase in the other room. Actually, I think it’s “For Dummies.” I rarely look at it, to be honest, but I don’t like the title. I am a writer and am finishing up my very first manuscript. One thing I never plan to do is point to my potential readers and say, “Hey, Idiot, you should totally buy and read my book!” 

I know, I know, I shouldn’t take mere words personally, but it’s a little annoying. There are numerous topics covered as “idiots guides.” It just seems like a marketing gimmick that should be dying out soon. I pre-ordered it, regardless, because of the author. I know that her content will be good. What if I didn’t follow her several months prior to the book’s release? What if I went and searched for a book on Ayurveda? I would 100% NOT purchase one that called me an idiot before reading it. ;o)

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