It’s all around us. We’re not even a cell of the same person we were as children. That’s the physical, obvious part, but there’s invisible parts, too. Those are the parts you just, know, or feel. I like it. That’s what I mean when I ask a person who they are. 

Animals come to me in a variety of ways to speak with people who aren’t ready to listen. They come to me, and ask me to relay a message to someone. Often times, I have these animals approach me as I sleep, but I do not know who their messages are for. I’ve been fortunate lately to ask for their messages when a friend tells me they want to know if there are animal messages waiting. I feel like a, sort of, spirit animal voicemail, haha. That’s basically how it works, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

If you see an animal in your dreams, make sure you listen to their message.