documenting The Journey

After my post yesterday, I am thinking it might be a lot of fun to document the process of self-publishing my first EVER book.

There are a lot of tools I am going to be learning to use because the book I am working on presently is the first of a series. I will need to know how to do everything for the following books, so why not do it all myself.

I do not know how long this will take.

Right now, I am working on the art for the cover. I love it. This is exactly why I decided self-publishing was the best route for me. I get to do all of these exciting things to make the book happen.

Because of my sewing pattern design background, I already know how to layout pages, but I really want to learn Adobe’s InDesign because it looks like a lot of fun. So, I will be learning that. Who knows, maybe I could post some tutorials along the way to help others like me–one of my favorite things.

We have the ability to make our books our own in entirety…why not? That said, I am having others proofread and/or edit my manuscript. It’s pretty clean as is, but that doesn’t matter. You need other people looking over it too. Also, read it out loud to a friend or your cat. It works. I polished my novel that way. I saw all of the problems out front like they were on a billboard! It was awesome. Now, the person editing it for me will hardly have anything to do. ;o)

During the querying process, I already wrote barf-text trying to sell the novel so that’ll work great for the back cover copy. The synopsis I wrote will be helpful, too. Mostly for myself. I am not going to post that anywhere because it has major spoilers.

When you work on a project of this size, you have to look at the entire process and appreciate what you went through. Sure, I spent a lot of time querying, but because I set my limit, I only spent the amount of time I needed to see what I truly wanted was self-publishing. Maybe I needed that to feel confident going into it. I’m SO beyond excited about this right now. I am sitting here with Clip Studio Pro opened up on my other monitor with, what I feel, is one of my best pieces of artwork, for the front cover. ;o)

I hope many of us who are working on our own books, from cover to cover, can come together and share the fun. Please, let me know if you, too, are working on your own. It’d be fun to chat with you.