Self-publishing journey, update.

Since I last posted about my decision to self-publish, a publisher I had been wanting to work with opened their submissions back up to unsolicited manuscripts. I HAD to submit mine, one final time, for review. I am still presently waiting their return. Also, I had submitted a children’s book to an emerging artist contest back in July, and am still waiting the results. All of these things should drive me mad, however, I am too busy to notice! Once I hear back, then I will be able to move on in some way, or another. Let’s hope the magic happens for me.

A lot of magic has been happening in other areas of my life, and I feel a huge part of that is because I have finally found a groove that works for me. With transcription, yoga, and art, something clicked. I hope it continues because it feels really good. I have a sneaking suspicion that yoga started the whole change! If you’ve been interested in my journey, I appreciate it. Thank you for staying tuned. I hope to have exciting news in some form, very soon!