About Kittytreets


– My name is Jodi. Artist, Writer, Vegan, Yogi, Crazy Cat Lady, Seamstress, OMG so many things!

– I go by, kittytreets, which comes from a couple of my WoW characters.

– I am an artist of many trades. To pay the bills, I am a proofreader, transcriptionist, social media manager, and closed captioner. Yes, it takes a lot of jobs to live the artist life, but these are all things that I love doing.

– I have a background in sewing and cosplaying and would love to do more, one day. I have made my own lynx puppet, Jaspurr, who you will likely meet.

– Aside from my various jobs, I work on a novel series, game when I can, practice yoga almost every day, love my kitty girl, Moomow, and enjoy a life of creating fun things.

– I’d love to meet some artsy friends who I can geek out with on a daily basis!

– I love to talk, so, it’ll be tough to get anything done in this stream, but that’s okay!


– Keep my book art on track
– Geek out with new friends
– Variety streaming on bonus streams
– Live in a creative cat-themed world
– Go to conventions
– Book launch party

I hope you’ll stay and be a new friend!