My name is Jodi Lane. I am an artist both traditionally and digitally. I absolutely love designing graphics that inspire and highlight the message given.  I like to make the most out of what has been gifted to me. Aside from the arts I enjoy gaming, watching movies, and trying out new art supplies.  Most often I can be found in sketching in front of the TV with my sweetheart kitty, Moomow.


All of the images on my site should have watermarks or credit given if the photographer is known, I always welcome credit where it is due. If you spot one of your photos on this site please notify me and I will immediately update that specific photo with your name and website or I will remove it if you’re the owner and wish it to not be displayed here. All of the original artwork, costumes (if original), logos, and styles on this website are copyright Jodi Lane. Do not take or share my art without direct permission from me. I can be easily contacted at jlsuits@gmail.com if you need your photos to be credited, removed or want to ask permissions. Thank you so much for complying I greatly appreciate it and I will do the same for you. ;o)


Disclaimer: I (Jodi Lane) am not responsible for any issues that arise from you using my sewing patterns, wearing my apparel, or use of any items I sell or tutorials I create. Any information is given as a suggestion and you need to use your own judgment or in other words, “at your own risk.” I’m not responsible for your lack of sewing technique or inability to understand sewing and/or my instructional videos. It is a skill that takes time and I encourage practice. It is your responsibility to make sure the use of any item I sell is safe for you as well as any of the items I suggest you use. I’m also not responsible for any problems that occur from you viewing my website in that as far as I know the site is safe to visit. Also, make sure you wear your safety glasses and take all necessary precautions when sewing. ;o) Use my website at your own risk. When using my tutorials, website, patterns or any other suggestions I give you’re taking full responsibility. I really appreciate you visiting my site!


California Prop 65 Warning:
Some of the items (stones, jewelry, or glue for example) used in your suits may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  I want all of my clients to be aware of this, even if it is not a common situation, it’s still my priority to keep you informed! So that you can be completely aware, I have provided this link for you to check out if you feel it is necessary! If you’d like to stay informed please check this website for more current information:http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65.html