Bedtime Stories in the Stars

Bedtime Stories in the Stars

By Jodi Lane


My mind never tired from translating what the stars meant as they dazzled my eyes, speaking a language they held all to themselves. I left my bedroom, one night, to stand in the field, and converse with the nighttime sky. There could be no better source for a bedtime story.

The sky stood as a blank canvas above the world.

There were no stars; not a single star present to fill my head full of tales.

However, there were sounds.

I spotted two others that had also left their beds that night. A friendly bush concealed me as I watched them work. In the center of our weathered barn, their faces glowed with the light of a vibrant brew they mixed in a large cauldron. Glittering dust and fluorescent sparks danced around as they stirred.

Charmed by the birth of constellations, my eyes did not dare blink.

The crumbling barn doors were pushed wide open, revealing the sparkling brew to the world. From the mouth of the cauldron, glints of light floated through the air taking their usual places in the dark, plain sky.

The Great Bear cuddled up with her miniature companion. A swift Dog darted around the vast Universe, but was no match for the Fox it sought. The sleek Lynx journeyed alone, confident in her stride, this time to live in harmony with the Hare.

The shroud of the night again dazzled my spirits. Stunning reflections remained long after I had closed my eyes.

My bedtime story had come.


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