Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letter Writing Service

Are you having trouble writing about yourself?

Allow me!

Most of the time I hear people fretting about having to write cover letters for job applications because they either don’t like talking about themselves or they simply don’t know how to put all of their qualifications into a story.

That’s what a cover letter is, by the way; your story.

Employers want someone that’s enjoyable and real. If you write a formal letter it might not catch their eye. So, again, allow me. I would love to bundle up your qualifications and personality to tell them how great you are. We’ll research their company, find out what they like, and relate you directly to their culture!

Why Hire Me?

I put a lot of effort into cover letters. I find them to be far more important than the resume, honestly. You’ve got the qualifications, that’s easy to see. Employers know you’re qualified simply glancing at your resume, but how do they know they want to try working with you? From the cover letter. My experience tells me they want a fun, real person that’s going to be a great team mate. Not only do I use my writing skills to win over their attention, but I also put in the research to make sure I appeal to their personalities.


Let’s say they’re a group of dog lovers and require their new employee to be okay with a dog-friendly environment. Whatever they put in their job ad, you might want to consider relating to in your cover letter. I’m thoughtful, insightful, and I definitely can sell you as an awesome candidate.

I appreciate you considering my help for your journey!


  • Payment is required up front for this service via Paypal. It’s quick, secure, and has great records for payments. Also, buyer/seller protection is wonderful these days!

Turn Around Time:

  • Ideally Cover Letters take about 2 days depending on the research I may need to put into it. Need it faster? Just give me a head’s up. It happens, and I realize that! Perhaps you just saw a job ad that expires in a day. I will try my best to fit you in.

Cover Letter Pricing:

$50 Initial fee

  • This will get you an original single-page cover letter for the job you’re applying to.

$20 Edits 

  • Have we already created your cover letter and now you want to update and tailor it so that it’ll be applicable for a different job?

Thank you, again. With whatever you choose to do, I wish you the best of luck in your hiring process; it’s rough out there.