Author: Me, Jodi Lane
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Series
Release Date: to be announced.
Copyright: Jodi Lane


by Jodi Lane


Selest is thrilled when her sister, Silgwen, returns home to Sapphire Glade after years of being apart while she studied magic. When Silgwen learns of her magical bird’s unexplained death, she leaves town, sending Selest and a group of Sapphire Glade locals through the shrouding Locked Woods in search of clues to her whereabouts.

When Silgwen is found, she evades the group’s hammering questions by blasting Selest with magic before fleeing through a mysterious portal. Silgwen’s act of betrayal to her sister sends an emotional tremor through the group, untimely revealing a secret Selest was not ready to share.

Pressing on through the insatiable ravagers that await them on the other side of the portal, they learn that Silgwen plans to create a curse, under which, she will be able to build a collection of souls.

This collection will prevent people from transforming into magical animal forms when they die—the only way their souls can be delivered into their next lives. If successful, Silgwen will have the power to transform into their animal forms, at will, and possess their unique, magical abilities.

The only chance they will have to stop Silgwen lies in the remaining intricacies she needs to lock the curse in place. With one final ingredient, Silgwen could corrupt nature, forever.  Failing to accept this newfound version of her sister could prevent Selest from visualizing the path that will lead her to reversing the curse before it’s complete.

The answers are there, but will Selest be able to find them before it’s too late?