My Fantasy Novel

by Jodi Lane

Author: Me, Jodi Lane
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Series
Release Date: To be announced.
Protagonist: Selest
Copyright: Jodi Lane

“Will you transform into your Wild Spirit or fall to the ground as ash, scattered by wind and forgotten? Wild Spirits comfort the hearts of many, inspiring dreams of what they may become. Perhaps a bird that tastes the clouds or a fish who basks in the gemstone waters of the ocean. Nightmares of ash twist some into obsessions they cannot break, creating an unquenchable thirst for immortality. Due to a secret Selest holds tight, she never has to ponder what her transformation will be like, and is far more concerned with what happens in this life.”

The Journey…

Time has come…
For the past couple of years I have been working so hard on writing my very first Fantasy Novel. This is the first time I’ve really posted anything static about the book I’m working on. It makes me a little nervous, but it’s time. I’m thrilled to start making this book a reality. There’s no better time than now to make my dream happen!

The decision to self-publish…
I spent countless hours submitting over 125 unique query letters, participating in twitter pitch parties, and polishing my first 10 pages to their liking. After 6 months to a year of submitting my manuscript to agents and publishers–and not being ANY closer to being published than I was before–I realized that this method of publishing my project was not making me happy, and the moment I truly considered self-publishing it, I felt joy. The question really was, what I wanted to get out of the authoring experience. My dream has always been to experience the bliss of creating the world my characters live in. My eyes light up when I even think about all of the endless opportunities my book gives me to create. After this realization, I decided to take a year to level up my illustration skills through taking classes online with artists I admire.

A world of creation…
I am planning on doing all of the artwork for my book including, a cover, chapter art, character art, maps, etc. I grew up with the dream of being a cover artist, and I’m going to make that happen for myself. Why not? Sometimes our dreams can come true by our own hand. I’d love to have someone discover me, or help me take it to the next level, but there’s an important lesson, there. We just have to do what’s readily available to us, and things will change for the better. Do what you can, and your situation will improve, I promise you! ;o)

Naming the manuscript was so hard…
Naturally, the most difficult part for me in this writing journey was naming the final product. Wild Spirits came to me so easily, but I ignored it for almost an entire year. Finally, with more sense, I came back to it when I realized that it also described something truly vital within the message of my book. <3

The world website as we know it, will change…
As I complete my art pieces, my book will completely take over my website. This is more of the beauty of creating something so special to me. I get to create this world from scratch, and display it all right here. I can’t wait to get to work!