Materials and Suppliers List

Making Your Own Bikini
Materials and Suppliers List
Last updated: July 2014

If a PDF for sewing instructions was not provided with your patterns, please view my sewing tutorials on my video channel!


5/16″ knitted elastic. This is the elastic you’ll use on most parts of the suit. – Nice knitted elastic selection.
1/4″ knitted elastic. I mainly use this size of elastic for the straps. – Nice knitted elastic selection.
Note: I never give an exact amount to use of elastic because I personally use it directly off of the roll as you see in my videos.


Suit Fabric:  4 way stretch spandex. Mystique Spandex is a great choice. has a great selection.
Liner Fabric: This also needs to be a 4 way stretch fabric. Cotton lycra works great for competition suits. has a great selection.
Fabric Yardage: You will need at least one yard of the suit (top) fabric and one yard of the liner fabric. The one yard of the top fabric is the most important because you will use the lengthy side of the fabric to create your suit straps (see videos). You should be able to get about 2 to 3 suits out of this fabric depending on how conservative you are with cutting your pattern pieces.


Suit Hooks. 3/8″ or 1/4″ clear swim hooks. has a great selection.

Rhinestones and Suit Connectors: have nice options.

Glue: E-6000 works great with the use of a wax jeweler’s stick. Available at

Bra Pads: Triangle Plus available at

Safety Glasses: Protect yourself always and take safety precautions while crafting.

Disclaimer: I (Jodi Lane Reynolds) am not responsible for any issues that arise from you using my sewing patterns, wearing my apparel, or use of any items I sell or tutorials I create. Any information is given as a suggestion and you need to use your own judgment or in other words, “at your own risk.” I am not responsible for your lack of sewing technique or inability to understand sewing and/or my instructional videos. It is a skill that takes time and I encourage practice. It is your responsibility to make sure the use of any item I sell is safe for you as well as any of the items I suggest you use. I’m also not responsible for any problems that occur from you viewing my website in that as far as I know the site is safe to visit. Also, make sure you wear your safety glasses and take all necessary precautions when sewing. Use my website at your own risk.