Exclusive Sewing Patterns!

Hello Sewing Friends!

After thinking about my book being out for a year now, I decided it needs revisions and edits. Basically, I need to tweak somethings. I may even create a whole new book; I’m not entirely sure yet! What I do know is, I’ve released the exclusive sewing patterns from the e-book into my store. The e-book, for a whole year, was THE BEST deal on the sewing patterns that one could get. Now that’s gone, but you can purchase these four styles separately. Many have asked for that option but because I’d set it as an exclusive, I at least needed to wait a year. Here they are, the Thong, Mini Triangle, Halter/Cleopatra and Swoop Bottom! ;o) I hope you enjoy creating with these styles! Check out my ONLINE SHOP

Happy Sewing,

Jodi Lane

New Pattern! Peach Bum Bikini!


Hey there!

I just released a new pattern today. It is such a peach, haha. Pun intended! This cute bikini style reminded me of a heart or a peach and so I had to name it Peach Bum! I hope you like it, it’s a super simple pattern, just like all my others, with fully illustrated instructions. Use the code PeachBum for 10% off in my store, the code expires the end of November! Enjoy! Happy sewing, and show me what you make! Can’t wait to see! ;o) And if you want to chat with me more, come visit me on Instagram, facebook or Twitter! Those are my hangouts these days!!!

Stay tuned, more patterns in the works,

Jodi Lane


New Pattern! Kitty Hat!

Hello Friends!

I created a new sewing pattern that I’m really excited about. It’s for the kitty hats that I’ve been making, wearing, and selling for years. I love them, they’re so purr-fect for many occasions. I love wearing them to geeky gaming conventions, job interviews…you know, very versatile wear. So anyhoo, if you’ve been wanting to learn, now’s your chance! They come with fully illustrated sewing instructions (as do all of my sewing patterns). This is a fantastic beginner sewing project if you’ve been wanting the purr-fect project to start with! AND! I created a fun sewing tutorial video just for the kitty hats! This way you have more ways to learn. I realize not everyone learns the same, plus I enjoy making tutorials. Hope you like it. Please if you create a hat, tag me in your photos! I would -love- to see what you come up with!

Meow Meow,

Jodi Lane

Sewing and Gaming!

Hello friends,

Some of you may have noticed some differences on my youtube channel. I’m trying new things; my favorite things. These are projects I have wanted to tackle for quite some time now. I just don’t want you to be confused. I have roots in sewing as well as gaming. So that explains why my youtube channel not only has sewing tutorials but also live stream gaming. There may be some cross over at some points ;o). I’d like to get more sewing tutorials up for bikinis as well as cosplay pieces…but likely, it’ll remain mostly bikinis because those are my first true sewing love. The gaming will be primarily World of Warcraft bits, just me derping around Azeroth, LFM Guildies to join Faith Trust Pixie Dust (Alliance, Borean Tundra server, in case you’re interested). Stay tuned, there’s more to come…but to avoid your confusion if you’re there for the sewing tutorials, don’t worry…I’ll be creating more VERY soon!!!

Take care my gamestresses and sewers…wait, that just sounds wrong…


Jodi Lane

Live Stream Sewing!


The other day I conducted an experiment and was lucky enough to have some of you join me online, live, for the fun! Sewing while chatting is awesome. Here’s the video in case you missed it. Hopefully, more like this to come as well as tutorials! ;o) If interested in helping out, check out my Patreon site.

My future goal is to create a youtube channel expressing all of my interests: Sewing, Bikinis, Gaming, Costumes, and all that good stuff.