Bedtime Stories in the Stars

Bedtime Stories in the Stars

By Jodi Lane


My mind never tired from translating what the stars meant as they dazzled my eyes, speaking a language they held all to themselves. I left my bedroom, one night, to stand in the field, and converse with the nighttime sky. There could be no better source for a bedtime story.

The sky stood as a blank canvas above the world.

There were no stars; not a single star present to fill my head full of tales.

However, there were sounds.

I spotted two others that had also left their beds that night. A friendly bush concealed me as I watched them work. In the center of our weathered barn, their faces glowed with the light of a vibrant brew they mixed in a large cauldron. Glittering dust and fluorescent sparks danced around as they stirred.

Charmed by the birth of constellations, my eyes did not dare blink.

The crumbling barn doors were pushed wide open, revealing the sparkling brew to the world. From the mouth of the cauldron, glints of light floated through the air taking their usual places in the dark, plain sky.

The Great Bear cuddled up with her miniature companion. A swift Dog darted around the vast Universe, but was no match for the Fox it sought. The sleek Lynx journeyed alone, confident in her stride, this time to live in harmony with the Hare.

The shroud of the night again dazzled my spirits. Stunning reflections remained long after I had closed my eyes.

My bedtime story had come.


I’m not an idiot or a dummy…

Ha ha, do you like my title? Recently, a very intriguing Ayurveda Practitioner released a book for pre-order. I have followed her for a few months now and I like her content. When I heard she wrote a book I thought that might be a great way for me to dip my hands into the vast ocean that is Ayurveda. It’s a tough topic to learn. Slowly, with basic internet research, I have introduced myself to it. I really like the methods used, because they’re all natural and encourages veganism. It does not solely encourage a vegan or vegetarian diet, though, so don’t panic. 

I am allergic to dairy, so this appeals to me for more reasons than just eating right. I pretty much have to avoid dairy, or, I feel like I have the flu all-the-time. That’s right, it’s an allergy, NOT an intolerance. I cannot tell you how many times I rehash this conversation with people. They keep instructing me about how I can cope with lactose intolerance. I laugh inside my head, but I grow tired of that same conversation. People are too funny. I don’t get angry at all. They’re sweet and wanting to help. If you’re curious about the difference just know that an intolerance gives you the craps and an allergy involves your immune system, giving you flu-like-symptoms, or worse. 

You see why I might be interested in an Ayurveda book? Well, I get to the pre-order page and it’s an “Idiot Guide” book. I have one of these books on my bookcase in the other room. Actually, I think it’s “For Dummies.” I rarely look at it, to be honest, but I don’t like the title. I am a writer and am finishing up my very first manuscript. One thing I never plan to do is point to my potential readers and say, “Hey, Idiot, you should totally buy and read my book!” 

I know, I know, I shouldn’t take mere words personally, but it’s a little annoying. There are numerous topics covered as “idiots guides.” It just seems like a marketing gimmick that should be dying out soon. I pre-ordered it, regardless, because of the author. I know that her content will be good. What if I didn’t follow her several months prior to the book’s release? What if I went and searched for a book on Ayurveda? I would 100% NOT purchase one that called me an idiot before reading it. ;o)

@kittytreets on Twitch!

Hello Friends,

As you know I’m an artist as well as a seamstress. I do many different projects and have way too much going on. Somehow, I think that is the only way I survive. Well, that and I have an amazing Partner in my life, Kayo, who makes the world a better place to be in.

Lately I have been streaming my art live on Twitch, and decided that this week I will also live stream myself as I sew. This should be fun. I’m going to try it out, and see how it goes. If no one shows up, that’s okay, I’ll still have fun because I’ll be sewing. What I would love to have happen is to be able to stream my sewing and art and make some new friends who love both things. Let’s see how this goes.

Feel free to go to Twitch and FOLLOW my channel for some fun projects.


Jodi Lane

Independence is a Disguise.

There aren’t many valid reasons to refuse help when you need it. Trying to be independent? No, you’re not. That’s pride wearing a goofy mask.

I get it. You shouldn’t accept an offering from someone that wants to do you harm or that will enforce you to do others harm. We get that. That’s not what this is about. Most often, someone doing that will appear obvious. Anyone that offers you help in return for this or that…just move on. 

Sometimes people have too much pride to accept help from people they don’t want to feel subservient to. Well, guess what? You are in need of help. Take help! Don’t refuse it if the only reason is because you want to be independent. 

The Universe is shining on you when someone comes to you with open arms.

There are times when pride can disguise itself as independence. This has happened to me many times. You refuse help because you don’t want that person to feel like your boss. You don’t want to be obligated to that person, right? Guess what, that’s not independence! That’s your pride trying to wreck your life. It might be a little bit of laziness, too, but we won’t discuss that this time around. Most people who offer help are not expecting anything in return, well, aside from the satisfaction of knowing their life has purpose; the purpose of helping someone who needs it. 

Think about it. To feel needed is one of the main things people long for. That is what Love is all about. When you’re in a relationship with someone, Love keeps you together because you each have what the other person needs to feel whole. Let someone help you.

If a good person offers you help, allow them to lead others to offer those in need some assistance. If a negative person in the community (or just one of those people that others typically do not want to have around) offers you help, let them. It could awaken their spirit and change their course of “bad” behavior forever. In the past, I could see myself disliking a person’s presence because of their bad attitude. Certainly, in my younger days, I would not have accepted assistance from a person like that. Mistake! If you need help and accept it from that person, you’re actually helping them. Perhaps they are trying this new idea out and you’re the lucky first person to experience it. 

If you have not watched it, go check out the movie, As Good As It Gets. You will see what I mean. I am a true believer in dumping pride to the side and letting the Universe shine on you. It works in mysterious ways. Let it. 

Remember, you can still be independent and accept help. Before you know it, you’ll be offering your assistance to someone else. 

That’s the whole point.

Whisker Dots, the comic, by Jodi Lane

Welcome to the first, and hopefully NOT LAST episode of Whisker Dots. I wanted to do something fun, and often, with my art style. I love kitties and geeky things and so Whisker Dots was born!

Let me give you a LITTLE bit of backstory for dear Whisker Dots.

He’s a kitty that has a plug in for a tail. This kitty has to plug in for hours each day to re-charge. Once he’s all charged up he can do ANYTHING HE WANTS, for three minutes. And I do me, anything. Visiting other realms or flying through the sky are no problems for him while charged. This kitty loves going on quests each day to try to find…well…whatever it is that day that he thinks of. ;o) Have fun, and enjoy, Whisker Dots!

This comic and all art by me, Jodi Lane. Chat with me on IG and Twitter @kittytreets or find our greeting cards at