Sewing Commissions

Kittytreets Sewing Commissions

Hello Friends,

Good to “see” you! Thanks for bringing your creative interest, here, to my website! Below are some price guides that may help you plan a project with me. Once I get my Twitch Channel rolling (soon!) we can do live commissions, too. I think that’d be a lot of fun. Sample Images, Coming Soon. For now, check out my Bikinis gallery, my Costumes, or my Cosplay Hats.

Price Estimates:

  • These are basic prices to give you an idea of cost. If you want to pinpoint an estimate with me, please email me at for a tailored estimate for your needs! Thanks!



  • 50% of price quote as a deposit and then the remaining 50% as a final payment when item is complete.


  • All Bikinis start at $125+
  • Contact me via for prices! Bikinis are complex and need more planning!

Cosplay Hats:

  • Basic – Choose colors and ear type. Fleece Fabric. $30+
  • Theme – Choose a theme with more complex details. Fleece Fabric. $50+
  • Complex – Choose a complex style that may involve various fabrics/materials. $100+


  • Costume commissions are currently closed due to time restraints (sorry).