Sewing Pattern Assembly

Sewing Pattern Assembly

Most of my patterns need to be assembled after they’re printed. Some of the smaller sizes will fit on one page but most of them will not. View the pattern assembly instructions below for some assistance. Happy sewing! ;o) Please take note that my Revised 2015+ patterns will have different measurements and slightly different instructions. The new patterns will also come with their own written instructions that are included with downloads on Etsy.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best way to view and print these files.

Printer Settings:
If you have an issue with the print outs not matching up after you print them and cut them out, it is definitely your printer settings. I test print all of my patterns to make sure they print correctly before I post them on my store. Mistakes can happen but it is most likely your printer settings. Some printers have a “stretch to fit” or a “Shrink to fit” setting that tends to mess with the print out size. Make sure it’s set to 100% or on mine it’s called, “Actual Size.

PDF Pattern Assembly Instructions:

Pattern Assembly Instruction – Bottoms

Pattern Assembly Instruction – Tops

Video Pattern Assembly Instructions:


Bikini Bottom

V-Cut Bottom

Below are the pattern measurements so you can be sure that your printer is working correctly. The measurements below only reflect my Original (2014 and before) patterns. My new revised 2015+ will have different measurements.