Sewing Videos List

Sewing Videos List

Here you’ll find a list of all the videos I’ve made to help use my sewing patterns. I am in the process of revising all of my sewing patterns so that they all have written printable instructions as opposed to videos. Until I get those finished please refer to my video tutorials. If you do not see a video here for a particular sewing pattern style, that means there are only printable instructions for those select styles. You may also view my sewing videos direction on my sewing channel!

Thank you! Happy Sewing!

Tracing, Pinning and Cutting

Suit Straps
**These do not require a sewing pattern purchase. Video contains complete instructions**

Molded Cup Top
**This one does not require a pattern purchase. View video description for measurement details**

Tops Sewing Pattern Assembly

Halter & Cleopatra Style Top

Triangle Top

V-Cut Posing Suit Bottoms

V-Cut Bottom Pattern Assembly

Bikini Bottom Pattern Assembly

Scrunchie Bikini Bottoms

Sizing Bikini Side Straps

Add Connectors to Bikinis

Add Tie-Sides to Bikinis

Add Connectors to Tie-Side Bikinis

How to Add a Stringy Side to your Bikini

If you don’t see a video for the pattern style you have, refer to the written instructions that came with your order. If it seems I forgot to link one of the video tutorials here, please let me know! Thank you!