Whisker Dots, the comic, by Jodi Lane

Welcome to the first, and hopefully NOT LAST episode of Whisker Dots. I wanted to do something fun, and often, with my art style. I love kitties and geeky things and so Whisker Dots was born!

Let me give you a LITTLE bit of backstory for dear Whisker Dots.

He’s a kitty that has a plug in for a tail. This kitty has to plug in for hours each day to re-charge. Once he’s all charged up he can do ANYTHING HE WANTS, for three minutes. And I do me, anything. Visiting other realms or flying through the sky are no problems for him while charged. This kitty loves going on quests each day to try to find…well…whatever it is that day that he thinks of. ;o) Have fun, and enjoy, Whisker Dots!

This comic and all art by me, Jodi Lane. Chat with me on IG and Twitter @kittytreets or find our greeting cards at https://www.etsy.com/shop/kayodipress