My Dharma – Yoga Teacher!


Hello Dear Friends

The reason I put this together is because Yoga has truly touched my life, thanks to Kino MacGregor for putting together amazing Ashtanga Yoga videos, for free, on her YouTube channel. That is how I discovered Yoga. Now, I use her beautiful channel OMstars as a way to get my daily practice in, and learn more of the Yoga lore, which has become important to my progress on this spiritual journey. I love to teach others to create, and I believe I could combine the two passions together. Yoga training is quite expensive, and I am an artist living on a tight budget. It’s just who I am, and how I have to be for now. I have two part-time jobs, and a small Etsy business which keeps me almost afloat…I said, almost. I am basically working three part-time jobs. If I could become a Yoga teacher, it would fulfill me, and allow me to share this amazing journey with others who seek enlightenment. My mission will be to create a Yoga space for ALL. Yoga-For-All. It is something I’m extremely passionate about. I want everyone to know that they’re welcome to practice Yoga with me. If you can share or help me, I would be grateful. And if, like me, you’re interested in the yoga videos I have been using, check out OMstars, an use the coupon code: JODIYOGA for a free month subscription.