Twitch Chat !Commands

!raid – Let them know we’re here!
!defend – Don’t let them take the TREETS!
!bikinis – Yes, I sew ’em!
!book – Lots of info on the book I wrote!
!boss – Form a party, defeat bosses!
!buyart – Want a pet portrait?!
!catfight – RAWR! I want yer treets!
!cosplay – I do cosplay, omg!
!hats – I’m a mad hatter!
!insta – My IG, come say hi.
!jaspurr – I made a puppet friend!
!patreon – A monthly raffle for patrons!
!sewing – LIVE sewing commissions, WHUT!
!site – Go see my website, friends.
!stream – Stream schedule details.
!synopsis – The synopsis of my book!
!treets – How many you got?
!yoga – Get your yogi on.
!youtube – My tutorials channel.